The Inspiration Behind

Our Journey

Ura was born with the idea to create something for people who love fashion, spend both time and money on it, and yet find themselves saying “I have nothing to wear”. Let’s be honest - our wardrobes don’t just need more, they need better.

About Us

Hi, I’m Arunima, the creator of Ura, and this is my story. 

After graduating from the London College of Fashion, I returned to India to join the family business of manufacturing and export of women's wear for international labels. These elements of fashion manufacturing were in my bloodstream from a young age, but to me, there had to be a more personal way to express myself through fashion and clothing.

I knew I wanted to create niche pieces which met the needs of urban people. But to my surprise, despite my lifelong exposure to fashion creation, every step of the way from sourcing to creating, was a struggle, perhaps because of my need to get every piece just right. Creating something fresh, pushing boundaries, I now realise, isn’t easy, no matter what one’s background or training.


Mindfully Crafted

We care about how we create. Our passion may drive our imagination, but our concern for human-centric design ascertains
the processes we use. From sifting through fabrics endlessly for the perfect fabric feel to maintaining ethical standards in our production process, URA, remains conscientious of the fact that we must stitch, straddle, wear, and flaunt responsibly.

Each piece is first conceptualised for months and then subsequently created by a tiny team of four people under the close supervision of the founder. With a young team at its heart, we believe in arriving at an aesthetic through internal dialogue and careful meditation. And it is with these principles in place that we visualise and create products that are purely, uncompromisingly, from the heart.